Mobb Deep Crafted Their Own Language

The Opus breaks down the history of "The Dun Language".

The Opus - Mobb Deep

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For decades now, rap and hip-hop has been the most fertile soil for slang and new language across pop culture. But when looking back on Mobb Deep, the duo didn’t just have their own slang, they had their own language.

In this bonus episode of The Opus, host Andy Bothwell breaks down the history of “The Dun Language” with rappers Slug (of Atmosphere) and Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), who discuss the influence that language has played on their own work.

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Shortly after, we’ll hear from original member Havoc, legendary hip-hop photographer Chi Modu, and The Infamous executive producer Schott Free, who shed a light on the oft-elusive, secret third member of Mobb Deep.

If you missed past seasons of the series, no worries! You can find a full archive of The Opus here.

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