Whitney Houston’s Historic Billboard Run Contains Multitudes

The Opus dials back to 1985 when an unstoppable star was born

The Opus - Whitney Houston
The Opus – Whitney Houston

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It’s hard to underestimate Whitney Houston’s stardom.

For better and for worse, the world knows so much more about the late diva than we do about most artists from her era. Houston’s meteoric rise would eventually place her own personal life under a microscope, and it’s the tragic details that all too often overshadow her unparalleled legacy and groundbreaking influence.

Looking back, though, Whitney Houston wasn’t just a pop star. She wasn’t just an incredible voice. No, she was a trail blazer, the first of her kind, who opened the door for so many artists to follow. For its highly anticipated 10th season, The Opus plans to trace those footsteps, and put a spotlight on the star that was born with 1985’s Whitney Houston.

Join host Andy Bothwell as he talks with music writer and chart historian Chris Molanphy about the records Houston broke with her self-titled debut. Then listen as writers Britt Julious, Brandon Tensley, and musicians Sophia Eris and Bartees Strange explain how Houston’s position on the Billboard charts meant so much more than just record sales.


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