The Residents Announce New Album, Share “Die! Die! Die!” with Black Francis: Stream

The double-disc album METAL, MEAT & BONE: The Songs of Dyin' Dog drops July 10th

The Residents
The Residents

    The veteran art-rock collective The Residents have announced a new double-disc album called METAL, MEAT & BONE: The Songs of Dyin’ Dog. The first single, “Die! Die! Die!”, comes with a Trump and coronavirus-inspired music video, along with unhinged vocals from Black Francis of Pixies. METAL, MEAT & BONE arrives July 10th, and if you’re wondering, “Who’s this Dyin’ Dog?”, The Residents have provided a typically cracked answer.

    According to a statement, Dyin’ Dog was a bluesman from the 1970s born with the name Alvin Snow. Before his mysterious disappearance on January 13th, 1976, Dyin’ Dog apparently recorded a ten-song demo. As the story goes, The Residents were fortunate enough to rediscover this long-lost masterpiece, and have now used it as the basis for METAL, MEAT & BONE. The new album features the, ahem, “original” ten-song demo, as well as ten interpretations of those demos by The Residents, along with six new songs inspired by Dyin’ Dog. To fill you in on the details, the Residents have put together something very much like a documentary on Dyin’ Dog, which you can check out below.

    If lead single “Die! Die! Die!” is any indication, Mr. Alvin Snow wasn’t the happiest of fellows. “Die, die, die!” Black Francis roars, “I want to hear you moan!” It’s a shockingly violent vocal performance from the Pixies frontman, who hasn’t sounded this murderous in decades. The accompanying music video stars President Donald Trump as the a coronavirus, while smiling, googly-eyed COVID-19 viruses float and bop to the music. Scroll onwards to watch “Die! Die! Die!”


    METAL, MEAT & BONE: The Songs of Dyin’ Dog drops on July 10th. It will be the Residents first new album since the death of co-founder and chief composer Hardy Fox in 2018.

    METAL, MEAT & BONE Artwork:

    METAL, MEAT & BONE Tracklist:
    Disc One – The Residents
    01. Bury My Bone
    02. Hungry Hound
    03. Die! Die! Die!
    04. River Runs Dry
    05. The Dog’s Dream
    06.I Know
    07. Pass for White
    08. Tell Me
    09. Momma Don’t Go
    10. Dead Weight

    Disc Two – Dyin’ Dog
    11. Bury My Bone
    12. Hungry Hound
    13. Die! Die! Die!
    14. River Runs Dry
    15. The Dog’s Dream
    16.I Know
    17. Pass for White
    18. Tell Me
    19. Momma Don’t Go
    20. Dead Weight

    Bonus Tracks
    21. Cold as a Corpse
    22. Blood Stains
    23. Cut to the Quick
    24. She Called Me Doggy
    25. Evil Hides
    26. Midnight Man

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