Rock and Metal Album Covers Get Reimagined With Simpsons Characters

The Instagram account "Simpsonizes" LPs by Nirvana, Metallica, Slayer, and more

Simpsons Metal and Rock Album Covers
Springfield Albums, via Instagram

The Bart Simpson parody poster of Nirvana’s Nevermind has adorned its fair share of desktop wallpapers, but Instagram account “Springfield Albums” has taken the concept even further. Artists Edgar Portelo and Lila Rouge “Simpsonize” rock and metal album covers, inserting characters from the long-running animated show The Simpsons into classic sleeves by Metallica, Alice in Chains, and many more.

No band or character is off limits, with Portelo and Rouge parodying everything from Exodus’ thrash masterpiece Bonded by Blood — with Bart taking the place of original’s siamese demon — to Korn’s Follow the Leader, which sees Homer about to hopscotch off the cliff. Another thrash parody, Slayer’s 1983 debut, Show No Mercy, is adorned with “Evil Homer” from the season four episode “Whacking Day”.

The Simpsons’ devout neighbor Ned Flanders, who has himself inspired a metal band called Okilly Dokilly, makes a few hilarious appearances on the Instagram page, as well. He gets his eyes gouged out by forks on the cover of Scorpions’ Blackout, is chained up in Eddie’s place for Iron Maiden’s Piece of Mind, and gets decapitated for Be’Lakor’s 2009 LP, Stone’s Reach.

The page should also be fun for Simpsons aficionados who might recognize various scenarios from the show depicted on the covers. Mayor Quimby’s unfortunate electric-chair incident during season nine’s “This Little Wiggy” lends itself to an obvious appearance on Metallica’s Ride the Lightning, while the time Lisa got braces in season four’s “Last Exit to Springfield” goes with Rammstein’s Sehnsucht.

Naturally, The Simpsons has endeared itself to rock audiences for the duration of its 31-season run, with countless celebrity musicians having appeared on the show both in animation and voice — from The Beatles’ George Harrison to Sonic Youth to The White Stripes. In other trivia, Guns ‘N Roses bassist Duff McKagan even claimed the show named its ubiquitous beverage, Duff Beer, after him, though this was later debunked by former Simpsons showrunner Mike Reiss.

Check out some of the highlights below, and visit the Springfield Albums Instagram account for dozens more.