America’s Dad Tom Hanks Provides 2020 Grads with Special Coronavirus Diploma

He also shared his high school yearbook photo

Tom Hanks Special Diploma 2020 Grads Yearbook Photo Pic Albert Einstein Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic
Tom Hanks

    Instead of a graduation ceremony, most of the class of 2020 is left with memories of quarantine and isolation. Now Tom Hanks, good actor and even better person, is offering a pandemic diploma to make those scholars feel special. A coronavirus survivor himself, Hanks also posted a photograph of his own 1974 yearbook photo, presumably to help people everywhere feel well-groomed. Check out both images below.

    The Oscar-winning actor revealed the special certificate on social media. “To all the Grads of 2020, Chosen Ones!” he wrote. “Print this up on a sheepskin!”

    It includes a seal with the words “Luctor et Emergo Fidens,” which in English seems to mean “I struggle and emerge without fear.” However, Google Translate has a slightly different take. And while it is almost certainly less accurate, the translation of, “I struggle and emerge reliant,” is darkly apt, considering that these young people graduated into the worst job market in generations.

    The diploma celebrates “Distinct labors in the face of the Great Pandemic,” as well as “Successful completion of your education despite the hardships imposed by the COVID-19 crisis. You have displayed honor, dedication, wherewithal and good citizenship.” The certificate is signed not only by Mr. Hanks himself, but also by the deceased scientist Albert Einstein. And honestly, how many graduates can say the same?


    As for his 1974 yearbook photo, Tom Hanks is as handsome as ever, though a better hairdresser might have taken out some of that volume. He looks like he could safely crash his bicycle without a helmet. In these dark times, sharing this picture is a great service, though obviously not on par with Hanks and his wife donating blood to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

    Other celebrities have found their own ways to honor the class of 2020. John Krasinski threw a virtual prom with Billie Eilish and Chance the Rapper, while Barack and Michelle Obama led a virtual graduation ceremony featuring Beyoncé, BTS, Lady Gaga and more.

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