Alekhine’s Gun Premiere New Song “21”: Stream

The Brooklyn quintent, fronted by Jessica Pimentel, returns with a crushing single

Alekhine's Gun Premiere

Brooklyn band Alekhine’s Gun, fronted by Jessica Pimentel, have been working on the follow-up to 2014’s …And Things Will Fall EP. The group is now premiering its new single, “21”, exclusively via Heavy Consequence.

The track picks up where the band left off in 2014. Building from an angular riff, the song is blast of blackened death metal, with improved production over past Alekhine’s Gun releases. The six-year hiatus paid dividends for the band, which sounds as strong as ever on “21”.

Pimentel, best known for her role as Maria Ruiz in all seven seasons of Orange Is the New Black, offered some conceptual background on the song’s lyrical themes. Like on prior records, Pimentel mines the spiritual and philosophical for her weighty, literary subject matter. She says of the track:

“Inspired by the traditional Tibetan Buddhist prayer ‘Praises to the Twenty-One Taras’, ’21’ is a musical offering and an act of paying homage to the primordial power within by delving deeply into calling upon the forces of fierce compassion and the wrathful aspect of love and wisdom needed in times of fear and uncertainty in order to seek refuge and gain enlightenment. Reaching beyond time and space, the bond between us and the true nature of reality is unbreakable, unstoppable and eternal.”

As seen in the YouTube player below, “21” will be included on a new EP titled Year of the Lazarus. So far, there are no details regarding a release date or tracklist.

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Alekhine’s Gun are only one of Pimentel’s metal endeavors. Last year, she starred in Slayer’s Repentless Killogy film and offered up anecdotes about the movie and her experiences as a metalhead in an interview with Heavy Consequence. She also provides backing vocals in the band Brujeria.

Stream the new Alekhine’s Gun single “21” below.

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