Cinemark to Reopen All US Movie Theaters By July 17th

The nation's third largest theater chain begins unlocking doors this Friday, June 19th

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Grab your face mask and get ready to go back to the movies. ::tugs collar:: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cinemark has announced that all of their US locations will be re-opened by July 17th with a number of health protocols in place.

The tricky and not-at-all problematic process begins this Friday, June 19th as the nation’s third largest theater chain unlocks its doors across Dallas, with the rest of their US locations to follow between July 3rd and July 17th.

The openings arrive in anticipation of Disney’s Mulan on July 24th and Christopher Nolan’s Tenet on July 31st. However, the theater also plans to offer a number of classic titles at discounted prices — $5 for adults and $3 for children and seniors — for films including Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goonies, and Inception. Sadly, Jaws — a film about a greedy mayor hellbent on keeping his beaches open despite ensuing dangers — isn’t among the pack.

“What we are doing is very substantial and very significant,” Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Our theaters are always clean. Now they will sparkle.”

So, how is exactly is that? Similar to the re-opening guidelines issued by Regal, Cinemark employees will be required to wear face masks and gloves, but will also have to commit to a wellness check before each shift. There will also be staggered seating, reduced showtimes for cleaning, increased air filtration, and guests will be encouraged to wear masks.

It should be noted that the past weekend saw spikes in states all across America as the country continues to reopen in complete defiance of the pandemic. Alas, Cinemark operates 555 cinemas in 41 states, so, well, swim at your own risk.

Below, you can read the measures Cinemark is implementing:

“All public and high-touch spaces, such as concession stands, door handles, drink stations, self-ticketing kiosks, benches and restrooms will be thoroughly sanitized every 30 minutes using products identified by the EPA to be effective in eliminating COVID-19.

Each auditorium will be disinfected every morning, and all handrails and occupied seats, along with those on either side, will be sanitized between show times.

All theatres will reopen with reduced operating hours and staggered showtimes to maximize physical distancing.

For additional assurance, there will be seat wipes and ample hand sanitizer available for customer use.

In accordance with CDC recommendations, guests are strongly encouraged to wear face masks. Where applicable, Cinemark will adhere to local policies that require residents to wear face masks in public.

Cinemark will be employing new tactics to increase the fresh air intake to enhance the overall air quality of our theatres and using High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (HEPA) filtration in all vacuums.

To help reduce potential contact between cash and food-handling areas, cash payments will not be accepted at the concession stand. However, each theatre will have a designated area where cash will be accepted, and gift cards will be available.

Moviegoers are asked to properly dispose of their trash to further protect our employees and allow for maximized cleaning between showtimes.”

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