Corey Taylor Responds to Slipknot Tribute Band’s Craigslist Ad Seeking New Singer

Who better to fill the role of an "accurate, dedicated Corey Taylor" than Taylor himself?

Corey Taylor Slipknot Tribute Band

Corey Taylor is one of the hardest-working dudes in metal, but apparently he has time to consider a gig impersonating himself in a Slipknot tribute band. The singer actually responded to a Craigslist ad from a Slipknot tribute act seeking a new vocalist.

Taylor has his hands full with Slipknot and Stone Sour, not to mention his upcoming solo album, and his work as a best-selling author. But the fact of the matter is that he fits the description in the Craigslist ad to a tee. And, with his bands currently sidelined from the road due to the pandemic, perhaps he’s looking for some new ventures to conquer.

The Craigslist ad is titled “Established Slipknot tribute seeking accurate, dedicated Corey Taylor.” It comes from New Jersey-based Of the (Sic), who promote themselves as the “most accurate Slipknot tribute in the world.”

“We are in need of someone in the same or near same physical shape as Corey Taylor, 5’8,” reads the post. “That has the same vocal range, stage experience is a must! Be able to command a crowd and act the part.”

Taylor, who must have been thinking, “Who better than me to fit that description?”, shared the link to the Craigslist post on Twitter, and wrote, “If you’re interested, I’m also sitting at 166 lbs.”

While it’s not exactly clear if he’s auditioning for the job, or just giving Of the (Sic) more info to work with, it definitely counts as a response.

If Taylor does get the gig, he’ll have to go old-school, as Of the (Sic) specialize in Slipknot’s 1999-2001 touring cycle, covering the band’s self-titled effort and Iowa. One big requirement: whoever gets the job has to buy “multiple jumpsuits” (Taylor should be fine in that department).

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Had it not been for the pandemic, Taylor and the actual Slipknot would have recently wrapped up the North American “Knotfest Roadshow” tour in support of their most recent album, We Are Not Your Kind. That outing was canceled, with hopes that the band will reschedule new dates for 2021.

See below for Corey Taylor’s response to the Craigslist ad, as well as video of the tribute act Of the (Sic) in action.


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