Arca Reveals Club-Ready Single “Mequetrefe”: Stream

Another preview of forthcoming album KiCk i


Later this month marks the arrival of KiCk i, the new album from Arca. Following early looks in “Nonbinary” and “Time”, the experimental producer is sharing a single called “Mequetrefe”.

In Spanish, the word “mequetrefe” is often derogatorily used to describe “good-for-nothing” males. Arca is hoping to revise that meaning here, “flipping the script” to offer “a new archetype of masculinity.”

Per a statement from the Latinx trans artist, the new single “invokes the tenderness behind expressing who you are without shame, and the confidence and bravery it requires, because expression of gender-nonconforming self-states in a public space can often result in static within your environment.”

Although Arca has been performing the club-ready track for the last year, today is the first time it’s been properly released. Below, hear “Mequetrefe”, which certainly carries an air of self-assuredness.

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KiCk i is officially out June 26th via XL Recordings and features contributions from Rosalía, SOPHIE, and frequent collaborator Björk. It follows Arca’s self-titled record, voted one of our favorite albums of 2017.


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