Kathy Bates Storms Through the Misery of Dolores Claiborne

The Losers' Club reviews Taylor Hackford's 1995 adaptation of Stephen King's novel

The Losers' Club - Dolores Claiborne
The Losers’ Club – Dolores Claiborne

“It’s a depressingly masculine world we live in, Dolores.”

The Losers remain sequestered on Little Tall Island in Maine, only this time they’ve put down their books and headed to the local cinema. Join co-hosts Randall Colburn, Dan Caffrey, Dan Pfleegor, and Jenn Adams as they discuss and review Taylor Hackford’s 1995 adaptation of Stephen King’s Dolores Claiborne. Together, they weigh in on the eclectic cast, allusions to King’s Dominion, and why Kathy Bates is such a dominant force.


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