The Science Behind Whitney Houston’s Voice

The Opus learns about the training and athleticism behind the icon's vocals

The Opus - Whitney Houston
The Opus – Whitney Houston

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    There’s something mystifying about powerful voices. Sure, everyone can open their mouth and sing, but when we watch a force like Whitney Houston do so, it’s abundantly clear there’s a vast divide between her and us mere mortals.

    But we take such voices for granted, often celebrating their talent by simply listening. What we don’t appreciate is the work it takes to get there, the work it takes to maintain such power, and the true musicianship behind every note.


    As The Opus continues its journey into Whitney Houston, host Andy Bothwell learns about the training and athleticism behind a voice like Houston by speaking with singer Bartees Strange and opera singer Dr. Donna Mitchell-Cox.

    Later, Dessa (of Doomtree Records) breaks down the science behind Houston’s voice, while CNN’s own Brandon Tensley explains the unexplainable — specifically, why her voice impacts us in ways we can’t always understand.

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