Blockbuster Month Roundup: Essays, Features, Lists, and Merch

Keep that popcorn flowing by revisiting all the movie magic

Announcing Blockbuster Month

Blockbuster Month has come to an end.

All throughout July, Consequence of Sound celebrated the blockbuster experience and the true titans of the genre with a variety of features that dug deep into the greatest hits of Hollywood — from popcorn classics to underrated gems.

There were lists, there were op-eds, there were interviews, and there was plenty of merchandise. It was a truly spirited event that saw many of our strongest writers buckle under the whims of nostalgia. Thank you, Mr. Spielberg!

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Fortunately, like all of our old VHS tapes, you can revisit that magic below — and you should. After all, our favorite blockbusters aren’t going anywhere, especially not as Covid-19 continues to keep new releases at bay.

So, clean out that popcorn bowl, make another batch, and enjoy the show (again).

July 3rd

Songs That Made Movies Classics: Back to the Future by Matt Melis

July 6th

The 20 Greatest Summer Blockbuster Movie Trailers by Michael Roffman

July 8th

Back to the Future, E.T., and the Wonder of the Non-Violent Blockbuster by Andrew Bloom

July 10th

The Evolution of the Female Action Star by Jenn Adams

July 13th

Ghost and the Genre-Defying Blockbuster by Emmy Potter

July 15th

The Lost Art of Blockbuster Counterprogramming by Josh Spiegel

July 17th

Christopher Nolan and the Age of Inception by Sam Mwakasisi

July 19th 

The 100 Greatest Summer Blockbusters of All Time by Staff

July 20th

Quiz: Are You a Blockbuster Movie Expert? Test Your Might!

July 21st

Not a Blockbuster, But a Contender: An Oral History of The Freshman by Andrew Buss

July 22nd

What Happened to the Movie Theme Park Ride? by Clint Worthington

July 24th

Why Summer Blockbusters Won’t Ever Go Straight to VOD by Josh Spiegel


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