Bob Mould Predicts a “Forecast of Rain” on New Song: Stream

A preview of his new album, Blue Hearts

Bob Mould Forecast of Rain new song stream new music, photo by Blake Little Photography

Prolific rocker Bob Mould is still chipping away at his legacy seemingly every chance he gets. As such, he’s back with a new song called “Forecast of Rain” from his upcoming solo album, Blue Hearts, and it’s nothing short of topical.

This is the second single we’ve heard from the former Hüsker Dü frontman this year, following “American Crisis”, from his new album — which is somehow his 14th solo album (!) to date. Like that earlier track, this new song is political, pissed off, and full of emotion.

According to a press release, there’s a lot of backstory that goes into this number. “As a child, my mother took me to Sunday Mass. I’ve written many songs around religion. In the 2000s, I went back to the Catholic Church for three years — but I did not find my place,” said Mould. “Right now, I’m having a hard time understanding how certain religious sectarians can support the behavior of those who occupy the People’s House. How can you endorse their disregard for truth? How can you tolerate the incessant vindictiveness? How can you stand by your man while people are teargassed to clear a path to the Lord’s House? I’m not good at quoting scripture, but I can manage two words: Jesus wept.”

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Sure enough, Mould sound skeptical of moral grandstanding and religious sanctimonies on “Forecast of Rain”, but he balances that sentiment with a return to his longtime musical style. Bolstered by melancholic guitar chords and a rush of percussive force behind him, Mould sounds like his usual ’90s alt-rock self, almost veering into Jawbox territory. See for yourself by streaming the song below.

Last week, Mould spoke about his upcoming album and a variety of other topics during an appearance on Kyle Meredith Live, our new Instagram series. Watch below.



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