Chance the Rapper Supports Kanye West Over Joe Biden for President

"Yall trust Biden more than yall trust Ye... I just don't feel the same way"

Chance the RapperSupports Kanye West Run President Biden Trump
Chance the Rapper and Kanye West

    Chance the Rapper seems to be throwing his support behind Kanye West’s extremely half-assed attempt to run for president.

    It began, as so much stupid news begins, on Twitter. On Monday morning, Chance tweeted out West’s new song featuring the voice of Ye’s late mom, “Donda”. Chance included the comment, “And yall out here tryna convince me to vote for Biden. Smfh.” This naturally led to questions from fans. Surely, Chance wasn’t suggesting that the presidency be decided on whose mother had the best bars?

    Soon afterwards, Chance asked the question, “Are we pro two-party system?” This didn’t exactly clarify his position, but in a subsequent series of questions, the Coloring Book rapper made his thinking known. “Are u more pro biden or anti ye and why?” he asked, adding,

    “I get that you’ll want to reply that you’re just tryna ‘get trump out’ but in this hypothetical scenario where you’re replacing Trump, can someone explain why Joe Biden would be better??”


    Many, many people took him up on that offer. After receiving hundreds of explanations, Chance wrote that he “finally got the answer now.” He said, “Yall trust Biden more than yall trust Ye. I think I understand why, I just don’t feel the same way.”

    West is running as a member of “The Birthday Party”. His presidential platform is anti-vaccine, pro-prayer in schools, anti-abortion and anti-Planned Parenthood — a position that caused PP to tell him to shove it. After his initial announcement, West received the support of Elon Musk, but his bizarre and regressive policies caused Musk to rescinded his endorsement. Notably, West hasn’t filled out any paperwork, and can only run as a write-in candidate. In other words, he’s not really trying to become president. Perhaps he’s just promoting his new album God’s Country, or perhaps, as some of his friends and family reportedly fear, his presidential run is a bipolar episode.

    While Chance the Rapper has made clear that he doesn’t support Trump, this is not the first time he’s expressed skepticism of the left. In 2018, he criticized Democratic management of his hometown of Chicago and said, “Black people don’t have to be democrats.”



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