Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey Team Up for Intimate, Socially-Distant Standup Show

As Rock put it, "It’s been a horrible year but this was definitely a bright spot"

Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jim Carrey

A few lucky people in Ohio got quite the treat when comedy legends Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Jim Carrey (or at least, his face) appeared for a special standup performance. It happened as part of the ongoing summer series “Dave Chappelle & Friends: A Talk with Punchlines”.

The outdoor events are invite-only, socially distanced, and limited to about 100 people. The privacy of the shows has been part of their charm, and little has leaked in the way of photos or clips. It was Rock who broke the embargo, sharing two pictures from the secretive event on Instagram earlier today. One shows him dapping elbows with Chappelle in front of a plane. The other catches Carrey’s wide smile on FaceTime, as Chappelle holds a mic up to the cellphone. According to Rock, “Jim closed the show.” He said,

“So I went to Ohio and did a Covid tested show with Dave and Jim Carrey on FaceTime. Crazy year indeed. Jim closed the show. It’s been a horrible year but this was definitely a bright spot.”

Check out the pair of pics below. Chappelle has been creative and persistent in putting on quarantine live shows, and earlier this month, he hosted a Fourth of July music festival in the cornfields of Ohio. In June, he dropped the surprise Netflix special 8:46.

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As for Rock, he’s appeared in a couple of recent livestreams, notably the Def Comedy Jam and the Feeding America Comedy Festival. He’ll be playing a crime lord in Fargo Season 4, although production has been delayed due to the coronavirus.

Jim Carrey recently published a novel, Memoirs and Misinformationwhich follows a fictional character named Jim Carrey.


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