Greg Puciato Sets Release Date for Solo Album, Shares New Song “Do You Need Me to Remind You?”: Stream

The Dillinger Escape Plan singer's new LP, Child Soldier: Creator of God, arrives October 23rd

Greg Puciato New Song
Greg Puciato, photo by Jesse Draxler

    Greg Puciato has set an October 23rd release date for his upcoming solo album, Child Soldier: Creator of God.  The former Dillinger Escape Plan singer has also shared the video for a new single called “Do You Need Me to Remind You?”

    Each track we’ve heard thus far reveals a different shade to Puciato’s forthcoming LP. Following the dark, sinister “Deep Set”, the new single, “Do You Need Me to Remind You?” is another heavy hitting track with sludged-out guitars and space for Puciato’s vocal talents. When the guitars drop out after the intro, his voice soars throughout he sudden openness in the mix, as drummer Chris Hornbrook continues pounding away.

    “It felt as if I had more to say, but nothing that necessarily filled the script of [my various] bands,” Puciato says of the solo material, “so I ended up with something that I found to be intensely personal and super satisfying, but also confusing as far as what to do with it. When I realized that it was a solo release, it was sort of … both terrifying and exciting at once, and challenging, and new, and that combo is almost always a good sign, so I committed to it.”


    After participating in so many projects, Puciato took the challenge of creating and recording solo material that didn’t fit the molds of his bands. He played every instrument except drums on the new album.

    “It’s important to continue taking risks in order to grow both your creativity and your future possibilities, to create new avenues and freedoms for yourself,” he adds, “and it also felt like a good time for me to integrate and own everything that I am into one thing, without fragmentation or limitation. I needed to come out from telling myself that I always have to be ‘guy in a band,’ and to release this as my own name.”

    Puciato has also unveiled the album art and tracklist for Child Soldier: Creator of God, which can be seen below, along with the video for “Do You Need Me to Remind You?”. Pre-orders for the LP are available via Federal Prisoner’s Bandcamp.


    Child Soldier: Creator of God Artwork:

    Greg Puciato LP

    Child Soldier: Creator of God Tracklist:
    01. Heavy of Stone
    02. Creator of God
    03. Fire for Water
    04. Deep Set
    05. Temporary Object
    06. Fireflies
    07. Do You Need Me To Remind You?
    08. Roach Hiss
    09. Down When I’m Not
    10. You Know I Do
    11. Through The Walls
    12. A Pair of Questions
    13. Evacuation
    14. Heartfree
    15. September City

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