Ho99o9 Unleash Grand Theft Auto-Style Music Video for New Song “Pigs Want Me Dead”: Watch

Comedian Eric Andre narrates the opening disclaimer

Ho99o9 GTA V

Industrial hip-hop act Ho99o9 (pronounced “horror”) have shared the music video for their brutal new single, “Pigs Want Me Dead”. The video was ostensibly made with Grand Theft Auto V and features the voice of comedian Eric Andre during the opening disclaimer.

To be expected from a GTA-style video, it’s total carnage — like when your little cousin takes the controller and blows everything up instead of playing the actual missions. As the song title implies, Ho99o9’s avatar takes a particular interest in the rampant destruction of police property. As Andre warns in his voiceover, it’s chock-full of violence and explicit language, so viewer discretion is advised.

Director Tyler Bradberry is behind the video, which is very timely given the current state of turmoil in the United States surrounding the police force following the murder of the late George Floyd. With “Pigs Want Me Dead”, Ho99o9 have emphatically expressed their opinions on the matter, much like Body Count did with their controversial single “Cop Killer” back in 1992.

Musically, “Pigs” is another genre-bending treatment that’s neither metal nor traditional hip-hop. However, with a Death Grips-like affinity for grinding industrial noise and live drumming, Ho99o9 have been embraced by the metal scene. Last summer, Heavy Consequence caught the band opening for Korn and Alice in Chains, proof that its garnered the full attention of the heavy music community.

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The single continues a prolific run for Ho99o9. Last month, the group dropped the double A-side single “Christopher Dorner”/”Pray or Prey”. Both songs premiered during an appearance on the Black Power Live virtual music festival, where Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker sat in with Ho99o9 for the performance.

Watch the video for “Pigs Want Me Dead” below and purchase the track here.


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