Jeff Bridges and Breedlove Unveil New Signature Model Acoustic Guitars

The sustainably sourced guitars are inlayed with Bridges' phrase, "We're all in this together"

Jeff Bridges Breedlove Guitars

Actor and musician Jeff Bridges has teamed with Breedlove for a line of new signature model acoustic guitars. The instruments are sustainably sourced and feature Bridges’ “All in This Together” motto inlayed on the fretboard.

As Bridges states in the press release, the elegant acoustic guitars prove “we can build beautiful instruments to make beautiful music that will resonate for all time, and preserve the trees, the lungs of our planet, which temper our climate, replenish our fresh water and provide shelter for our wildlife. We can make our instruments with salvaged or selectively harvested wood from sustainable forests, while still protecting habitat and sustaining the local community. We can make a difference.”

The Breedlove Jeff Bridges “All in This Together” premium signature model is a cutaway limited edition acoustic-electric Breedlove Oregon Concerto Bourbon CE. The aforementioned fretboard inlay is complimented by Bridges’ name emblazoned on the rear of the headstock. This particular guitar was handcrafted in Bend, Oregon, using the region’s native myrtlewood.

In addition to the Oregon model, two other Jeff Bridges signature models will be available beginning September 1st at varying price points: the Organic Amazon and the Organic Congo, both partly sourced from those regions’ respective rainforests. All of the Bridges signature models are outfitted with L.R. Baggs Anthem amplification system.

“At Breedlove,” Owner Tom Bedell says in a press release, “we share Jeff’s concerns for the earth, and this exquisite, very personal guitar was born from his passion for music and his dedication, like ours, to maintaining our world’s forests. Absolutely no clear-cut wood is used in this instrument. That’s why Jeff put his name on the headstock and will personally sign each label and accompanying Certificate of Authenticity.”

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The Jeff Bridges models are available exclusively through Lost Chord Guitars, in Solvang, California, operated by Chris Pelonis, the musical director for Bridges’ band The Abiders. Proceeds from each Oregon sale support the Amazon Conservation Team, which works to protect rainforests and traditional culture.

Watch the introduction to the Oregon model below, and purchase similar Breedlove guitars here. While you’re at it, tie the guitar together with a “Sweater” mask from our online store.

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