Kanye West Polling at 2% in First National Poll Since Presidential Announcement

Kanye's entry has no impact on Joe Biden, but takes away a percentage point from Donald Trump


It’s been a little more than a week since Kanye West first announced his presidential candidacy, and the first bit of national polling is in. While Kanye is adamant that he’ll win, going as far to say it’s God’s will, he and the Almighty have a lot of work ahead of him.

Redfield & Wilton Strategies surveyed 2,000 registered voters in the US on July 9th and found that only  2% would cast their vote for Kanye. And while some Democrats have expressed concern that Kanye’s entry into the race could take Black and younger votes away from Joe Biden, the poll actually shows the opposite happening. Whereas Biden stays firmly planted at 48%, when Kanye’s name is mentioned, Donald Trump actually loses a percentage point, going from 40% to 39%.

Of course, despite his Fourth of July proclamation, there’s no guarantee that Kanye will actually end up running. With less than four months to go until the election, he’s already missed the filling deadline for several major states, meaning voters would need to write his name on the ballot. What’s more, following a rather bizarre interview with Forbes, Kanye seemingly lost the endorsement of one of his most prominent backers in Elon Musk, while other friends and family members have expressed concern that Kanye is going through a bipolar episode.

He does still have Chance the Rapper in his corner, however.


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