Krill Offshoot Knot Contemplate “The World” on New Single: Stream

From their upcoming self-titled debut album

Knot The World new music Krill new band stream reunite, photo by Hrissaj Babay

Earlier this summer, the three members of Boston rock group Krill reunited under the moniker Knot and announced their debut self-titled album. Now, they’re back with another new single from that record called “The World”.

With guitarist Joe DeManuelle-Hall now joining them in the band, vocalist and guitarist Jonah Furman, guitar and bass player Aaron Ratoff, and drummer Ian Becker sound fuller than ever as they pry into political indie rock. That much was evident on their lead single “Foam”, and it stays true on the newest track, too. Over trickling guitar melodies that diverge and rejoin with one another, Knot spend the runtime of this math rock number contemplating anti-escapism and fighting for a better planet, way of life, and ideal community.

“‘The World’ is supposed to be about the experience of wanting to change the world — or maybe the experience of insisting on wanting to change the world,” says Furman in a statement. “In my head there was the phrase ‘another world is possible,’ which is heard in movements and protests, and seems to be consciously or unconsciously associated with the idea that we can build something parallel or separate from the corrupted and horrific institutions and instantiations of actually-existing society. I want on some level to reject that; not that change can’t happen, but I want to insist that it happens through, not around, the sick and failed parts of human political experience.”

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Stream the song below.


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