Billy Hardison and The Head and the Heart’s Tyler Williams on How to Save Live Music for the Future

Here's what you can do to help the music community at large...

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With the COVID-19 pandemic putting upwards of 90% of independent venues in danger of closing forever, it’s become vitally important for Congress to pass a relief bill to aid our most beloved rooms and the music community at large.

To get some insight on the matter, Kyle Meredith speaks Billy Hardison, Kentucky’s precinct captain for the recently formed National Independent Venue Association, and artist Tyler Williams, drummer for The Head & The Heart.

Together, they discuss what it’s been like to run their respective businesses during a global quarantine and pandemic, and what the dangers of our present and future could mean for live music in the long run.

Stream the episode above and head to to find out ways you can help. It should be noted that this episode was originally recorded as part of Kyle Meredith’s new video series that premieres every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 p.m. EST on Consequence‘s Instagram channel.

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