Sebastian Bach: Supporting President Trump Is a Stance Against Every Out-of-Work Musician in America

The metal singer also gets into a crazy Twitter war with rocker-wrestler Chris Jericho

Sebastian Bach blasts President Trump

Veteran metal singer Sebastian Bach is lashing out against supporters of Donald Trump, telling them that they are taking a “stand against … every musician in America who has been put out of work” due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The former Skid Row vocalist has long been highly critical of Trump’s presidency on social media, but his new tweet from Wednesday night has gone viral with nearly 60,000 likes as of this posting. The full tweet reads, “If you support Donald Trump you stand against rock n’ roll and every musician in America who has been put out of work because a reality television show host doesn’t believe in science.”

Bach also included a mask-wearing emoji, driving home the point that by not wearing masks and social distancing, people are extending the pandemic and ultimately preventing events like concerts and festivals from resuming.

Trump has not been a proponent of mask wearing or social distancing, whether it be during his White House meetings or holding campaign rallies with unmasked supporters. The president didn’t don a mask in public until this past Saturday, when he was basically forced to in order to enter the Walter Reed National Medical Center.

Bach has been blown away by the response to his tweet, marveling at the number of new followers he’s gained in the hours since. Earlier today, he tweeted, “Holy shit, thank you so much for 435,000 followers. I am sitting in my bed trying to go to sleep but f*** that. Thank you I’m going to be more myself than ever before.”

In between bashing Trump, Bach also found himself in a Twitter war with rocker and pro-wrestler Chris Jericho. When a fan suggested that Jericho is starting to steal Bach’s look, Bach responded by accusing the Fozzy frontman of lip-syncing, saying that Jericho “mimes to a tape” and that “every single clip I have seen is Milli Vanilli.”

Jericho caught wind of the tweets and responded, “I’ve seen the derogatory comments towards me from somebody I considered to be a friend. So with that in mind, I’ll be happy to have a SING OFF w @sebastianbach ! No effects, no tuning, no bullshit. Bas is a great singer…but I’m better.”

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Bach then replied, “I will sing in your f****** face anytime. Wrestling is not rock and roll. I will show you f****** rock and roll.” It then escalated from there.

See all the aforementioned tweets below, and read our own interview with Sebastian Bach, in which he explained why he doesn’t use pre-recorded tapes at his concerts.

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