Throwing Muses Cope with Loss on New Single “Bo Diddley Bridge”: Stream

First album in seven years, Sun Racket, lands in September


It’s been seven long years, but Throwing Muses are finally set to release a new album later this summer. Sun Racket, the follow-up to Purgatory/Paradise, finds the Rhode Island-bred rockers drawing influence from the countless lakes and rivers that surround them.

Throwing Muses submerged themselves in “Dark Blue” waves of distortion back in February. The newest single, today’s “Bo Diddley Bridge”, continues this aquatic theme, with singer-guitarist Kristin Hersh recounting a fallen bridge while examining its symbolism in her own life.

“My little boy, Bo, used to fish off Bo Diddley Bridge down the street before it collapsed, around the time our life collapsed,” Hersh explained the track in a statement. “But we lived; we swam in a life sunshine somehow. And both bridges — the Bo Diddley one and the life one — were rebuilt around us.”

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The backstory of the new single is mirrored in the music itself. While “Bo Diddley Bridge” starts off as something of a growling dirge, light and clarity eventually do find their way back into the mix, ushered in by an ambient piano breakdown. Hear it below.

Sun Racket was originally due in May, but was pushed back because of the coronavirus. It’s now set to arrive September 4th on Fire Records. Snag a copy here.


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