The Regrettes Fall Head Over Heels on New Single “I Love Us”: Stream

Plus, watch the track's adorable animated music video

The Regrettes I Love Us music video new song stream new music

Two months after dropping the dreamy quarantine hit “What Am I Gonna Do Today?”, The Regrettes are back with a brand new track called “I Love Us”. It’s been paired with an adorable animated music video, as well, which you can watch below..

Whereas the band’s last song felt like a continuation of their 2019 album How Do You Love?, this new single is full of pep and optimism. Perhaps frontwoman Lydia Night spending quarantine with her boyfriend Dylan Minnette has helped her realize not even constant close contact can drive them apart.

Still, as chipper as “I Love Us” is, it could be read two ways: A celebration of falling in love with someone and accepting them for who they are around you, or a cautious read on being head over heels for someone who comes with baggage. Either way, it’s clear the narrator plans on sticking around to give the relationship more time and they couldn’t be more stoked about it. The Regrettes capture that mood by turning a synthpop backbeat into an explosive chorus, complete with zippy guitars reminiscent of The Strokes.

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In the music video, their song comes to life through an adorable animated robot. After popping out of a box, it falls for the girl who unpacks it — in part because she toyed around with its mechanics. It’s sweet in a WALL-E kind of way, even if its underlying message is a bit of a warning. Watch it below.


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