Wu-Tang Clan Are Now on Cameo

You can now pay any member of the legendary rap group for a personalized shout-out

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to fuck with, but Wu-Tang “Cam” certainly are. The rap legends have joined the personal shout-out app Cameo and are now available for requests.

If you have a couple of hundred dollars laying around, you can commission any member of the Wu-Tang Clan — RZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, and the others — to send you a personalized video message on a subject of your choice. You can have them congratulate your child on finishing grad school, commemorate a special anniversary, or even applaud the completion of your very own mixtape.

At $360 per message, Wu-Tang are among the top 10 most expensive Cameo users in the hip-hop category, falling just behind Ice Cube ($500) and Akon ($444). However, considering you can ostensibly get multiple members of Wu-Tang in on your video, it’s actually not a bad value, comparatively speaking.

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So far, the only video on their profile page is an introductory announcement by RZA in which he says that they’re proud to be on Cameo at a time when fans have limited access to artists. The video starts off as serious as one can be while announcing their debut on an app where people pay them to say whatever they want. However, at one point RZA catches himself almost laughing when he says that they’re available for birthday shout-outs.

“You know what’s funny, yo?” he interjects quickly. “We don’t mind saying ‘happy birthday’ because we know that when your day is born, it changes the whole world, yo. So we can change the world together. Wu-Tang forever.” Honestly, who doesn’t want that kind of energy on their special day?

To request your own customized message, head here. Consider it a personal invitation to Enter the Wu-Tang (Cameo Style).

Cameo is just the latest entrepreneurial venture for the New York hip-hop collective. Back in May they announced their own line of hand sanitizer called “Protect Ya Hands”. And earlier this year, RZA released a guided meditation EP in collaboration with the Tazo tea company.

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