Billyracxx Blends Hip-Hop with Hard Rock on New Song “Melt My Face”: Stream

The Houston rapper also drops a mind-bending music video

Billyracxx Melt My Face music video stream new music rapper

Houston-based rapper Billyracxx may technically be a hip-hop artist, but he’s got a keen eye for alternative flair. He embeds his songs with everything from electropop sparks to distorted guitar riffs. On his newest single, “Melt My Face”, Billyracxx taps into the world of hard rock to make a bold single that’s as fun as it is serious.

To accompanying the track, Billyracxx has also shared a music video. The clip opens with a montage featuring mouth-flapping close-ups, footage of police brutality, and a shot of sweat beading up on him as he sits beneath direct sunlight. Once the song kicks in, the rapper sprints across a parking lot and onto the streets of downtown. He’s dressed in a suit and clutching at a bloody wound in his stomach the whole time he runs, but eventually it slows him down and he’s caught by a fantastical creature.

In a press release, Billyracxx said the music video for “Melt My Face” represents “the natural rebellion” that comes with everything he does. “So many people see me as like a video-game character, or a cult figure, or a real rising star… at the same time there’s a lot of people who are still trying to figure me out,” he said. “I’m art. You will never be able to figure me all the way out. But at least appreciate that it’s authentic. Take from it, form opinions, follow me. The worst thing you can do is idolize something or someone that’s a gimmick. ‘Melt My Face’ is some real genre bending, cinematic, Avant-garde, cult classic type shit from a black man who has no fear about who he is.”

Watch the music video below.

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This is just the latest release from Billyracxx. Back in 2019, he dropped his CHASETHEMONEY-produced album Religion and followed it up with a two-part EP called Butterflies. There’s no guessing where he will go from here, but if it’s anything like “Melt My Face”, it will probably be unpredictable and inventive.


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