Cardi B Joins OnlyFans

She'll use the subscription platform to "to release behind the scenes content, address ongoing rumors," and more

Cardi B

Good news, Ben Shapiro: Cardi B has joined OnlyFans.

On the heels of her soaking wet video for “WAP”, Cardi has launched her own account on the popular adult subscription service. According to a press release, she’ll use the platform “to release behind the scenes content, address ongoing rumors, share glimpses into her personal life, connect closer with her fans, and much more.” However, to quote Cardi B directly, “NO I WONT BE SHOWING PUSSY, TITTIES, and ASS.”

To kick things off, Cardi will be sharing behind the scenes footage from her “WAP” video with Megan Thee Stallion.

The monthly subscription price was originally set at $9.99, but Cardi has since lowered it to $4.99 because “Ya spend too much on vinyls and my merch coming next week.” You can sign up here.

“WAP”, our most recent Song of the Week, continues to dominate the digital song charts and amass tens of millions of views on YouTube. All the while, Cardi is paying close attention to the upcoming presidential election, revealing that she recently spoke with presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.


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