Carly Rae Jepsen Misses When It Was “Me and the Boys in the Band” on New Song: Stream

An ode to life on the road written with the aid of Jack Antonoff -- and her band

carly rae jepsen me and the boys in the band new song music video stream

The lack of live music (uh, good, safe live music) for going on six months now has been painful for all of us, fans and bands alike. The only thing getting us through is the knowledge that, yes, someday concerts will return and they will be even more joyous than ever. So rather than wallow in nostalgia for pre-pandemic days, Carly Rae Jepsen is here to remind us of live music’s bliss with her new single, “Me and the Boys in the Band”.

No, this is not a Zac Brown Band cover (whoops), but an original, sunny ode to CRJ’s time on the road. With playful percussion that sounds like Jimmy Fallon’s children’s instruments covers (in a good way!), the track was made with the help of her touring band and Jack Antonoff. It finds the Canadian pop star reminiscing about how at home she feels traveling with her band. “On the road for half the year/ And I can’t remember loneliness,” goes the opening verse. “And it feels like that says something about you/ Or something ’bout me.”

In a statement, Jepsen reiterated her appreciation for those who’ve been around her throughout her career:

“On the road. That was the life. I miss travel and performing and my band mates who over the years have become my adopted brothers. Through romantic relationships good and bad I have always found myself again in the late-night conversations with my band. Here’s to all the shows we have played and have yet to play. The late-night dancers we turn into on the long bus drives and the tourists we become in the early mornings. Here’s to nostalgia city and keeping close the ones that know you best. Can’t wait for more. Till then a from home ‘pick me up’ song from all of us to you. Me and the boys and the band!  Big thanks to Jack Antanoff, Tavish Crowe, Jared Manerika and Nik Pesut for making this jam come together from a distance.”

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“Me and the Boys in the Band” comes with a music video the splices socially-distanced performance footage with backstage clips and photos from CRJ’s tours. Check it out below.

For those who can’t wait for touring to restart to dance along with Jepsen, she’s holding a fan karaoke party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of E*MO*TION. Featuring homemade videos of fans singing to their favorite tracks from the album, the event goes down on YouTube on August 27th at 6:00 p.m. ET.


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