Cursive’s Tim Kasher Gets Cheers Star John Ratzenberger to Create a PSA for USPS: Watch

The one and only Cliff Clavin has been called up to save an institution

John Ratzenberger USPS PSA

As President Donald Trump continues to meddle with the United States Postal Service, an old hero emerges to fight back: TV’s greatest mailman, Cliff Clavin. Over the weekend, Cursive’s Tim Kasher (of all people) used Cameo to get Cheers star John Ratzenberger to record a PSA in support of the troubled national institution.

“The post office is in a little bit of a pickle right now,” Ratzenberger shared in the video. “So, I had an idea: Why not do all your Christmas shopping early at the post office store? Yeah, in the post office, they got a store in there.”

True to the spirit of his Emmy-nominated persona, Ratzenberger digressed on the value of the stamp and why it means more than any random good you’d buy for Aunt Tilly. He concluded, “Help your local post office and go down there and buy something.”

Watch the full video below. For more of Clavin-stamped tangents, grab a cold one and revisit Ratzenberger’s role in all 275 episodes of Cheers. The iconic series recently moved from Netflix to NBC’s newly minted Peacock.

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In related news, Trump continues to dismiss any notion that he’s meddling with the USPS in anticipation of the forthcoming election. This morning, he told his pals over at Fox & Friends, “I’m just making it good.” Of course, this is all after the USPS reduced their hours and removed collection boxes across 16 states in the past week.

Who needs a drink?


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