Tom McLoughlin on Jason Lives, Scream, Quentin Tarantino, and Another Friday the 13th

Legendary writer and director joins the Halloweenies around the campfire

Halloweenies - Tommy McCloughlin

It’s a quiet night in Forest Green. The moon is out. The wind is calm. A loon can be heard in the distance. Or was that a loon? Come to think of it, that was much too loud, and it came from the woods. Wait, there’s a figure in the distance…

It’s Tom McLoughlin! Yes, the writer and director of Jason Lives joins us Halloweenies around the campfire for an epic chat. Together, we discuss how Frank Capra was a mentor to him, being offered Scream, Quentin Tarantino’s love for A New Beginning, the possibility of another Friday the 13th, and his thoughts on Halloween (2018).


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