Kanye Booted Off the Presidential Ballot in His Home State of Illinois

Election officials say more than half of his submitted signatures are invalid

Kanye West PPP loan coronavirus Yeezy, photo via Reuters
Kanye West, photo via Reuters

Kanye West will be unable to play spoiler in his home state of Illinois after election officials rejected his ballot application. The reason? At least half of the signatures were found to be invalid.

In order to get on Illinois’ presidential ballot, Kanye needed to file 2,500 written signatures by July 20th. He ended up submitting 3,128 signatures, but 1,928 were ruled to be invalid, according to TMZ.

Kanye’s team has until August 21st to appeal the invalid signatures, at which point the Illinois State Board of Elections will finalize the November 3rd ballot. However, as the Chicago Tribune notes, trying to restore disputed signatures is a herculean task, and Kanye is “virtually certain to be kicked off the ballot” in Illinois.

If that is indeed the case, then it would be mathematically impossible for Kanye to be elected president even if he won every single state where he could still get on the ballot. Without Illinois, Kanye would no longer have a path to 270 electoral votes. As such, the only way for him to win the presidential election is as a write-in candidate.

Perhaps that’s why Kanye is finally saying the quiet part of loud. Earlier this week, he acknowledged that he’s fine being a spoiler candidate and siphoning Black votes from Joe Biden. When asked this week if that was indeed the case, Kanye told Forbes, “I’m not going to argue with you.”

The only problem, of course, is that recent polling suggests that Kanye’s name on the ballot actually has a negative impact on Donald Trump himself.