Kendrick Lamar Narrates Nike’s New Kobe Bryant Tribute Video: Watch

Released on Bryant's 42nd birthday

Kobe Bryant and Kendrick Lamar

Nike is celebrating Kobe Bryant’s 42nd birthday with a new short film narrated by fellow Los Angeles great, Kendrick Lamar.

Entitled Better, the film “celebrates the universal relevance of progress and highlights Kobe’s prolific desire for improvement,” Nike says. “The Mamba Mentality is about getting better, every day, in everything we do.”

Kendrick echoes these sentiments throughout the clip: “Kobe taught us to be better,” K. Dot begins. “Better waker, better stretcher, better walker, better talker.” As the clip progresses, so too does the intensity of Kendrick’s articulation: “Better form, better focus, better friend, better fighter, better rider, better eater, better generation, better nation!” he continues. “Just be better. Can you do that?” Watch the full video below.

Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and six other passengers died in a helicopter crash on January 26th, 2020.


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