Margo Price Covers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” on The Daily Show: Watch

"Got a beard, well now I'm tryna wet it" never sounded so beautiful

margo price wap cardi b megan thee stallion the daily show

Although Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” may already be the song of the summer, it’s caused some predictable controversy amongst those with more conservative tastes. Everyone from congressional candidates to Tiger King stars have taken issue with the track, which begs the question: Is this yet another example of women — particularly Black women — facing a different level of public scrutiny? Exploring that thesis on The Daily Show on Thursday night, Margo Price recontextualized “WAP” as a beautiful country song. Would it be any less “offensive”?

Price’s cover came as host Trevor Noah and remote correspondent Dulce Sloan examined the media’s sexist reaction to Kamala Harris being selected as presumptive democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s running mate. While arguing that “female candidates get covered less like politicians and more like Miss Universe contestants,” Sloan noted this double standard isn’t limited to politics. She said men have celebrated their sexuality in music for decades, but when women do it like “WAP”, it’s suddenly an issue.

When Noah suggested it could be an issue that it’s a rap song as much as the content of the lyrics, Sloan countered that the reaction would be the same even if it were a country ballad. Enter Price, who delivered a truly gorgeous acoustic rendition of “WAP”. “You fuckin’ with some wet-ass pussy, babe/ Bring me a bucket and a mop for this wet-ass pussy, babe” has never sounded so stirring.

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Find the video below. The whole segment is worth a watch, but you can skip to the 6:07 mark to get right to Price’s “WAP”.


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