North Kingsley (System of a Down’s Shavo Odadjian) Unveil Vol. 1 EP: Stream

Plus, watch the video for "Die for the Pic"

North Kingsley first single

Last week, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian’s new band North Kingsley unleashed their debut single, “Like That?”. Now, they’ve released the full three-song collection Vol. 1, along with a video for the track “Die for the Pic”.

The trio is rounded out by vocalist Ray Hawthorne and producer Saro Paparian, with Hawthorne delivering biting commentary on social media trends in the song “Die for the Pic”.

“Die for the Pic is a statement on modern hypocrisy,” explained Hawthorne. “The masses are tending to follow popular trends without taking the time to analyze what’s actually going on. People often agree with whatever they are told the correct way to think is, and then post about it online, in an effort to be perceived well by their peers. In my experience, most of these people don’t even take the time to look into why they believe what they’re demanding others believe. It’s a cycle.”

As opposed to releasing an entire album, the band is rolling out new music three songs at a time, with Odadjian explaining, “We’re giving you songs you can marinade on, instead of 12 songs all at once. There’s going to be a clip for every song, something visually for you to vibe on.”

Watch the video for North Kingsley’s “Die for the Pic” and stream Vol. 1 in its entirety below. The mini EP is available for download here.


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