Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” Returns to Billboard Charts After Viral Video

Tim and Fred Williams filmed their reaction to hearing the song for the first time, and it's since exploded on YouTube

Phil Collins In the Air Tonight Billboard charts viral video TwinsthenewTrend (YouTube)

Phil Collins has already lived a very eventful 69 years, but this might just be the moment he’s been waiting for all his life. His iconic single “In the Air Tonight” is once again climbing the Billboard charts, this time due to a viral reaction video of two teens watching (or rather experiencing) the song for the first time.

Tim and Fred Williams, a pair of twins who create reaction videos on YouTube under the account TwinsthenewTrend, broke the music section of the Internet when they filmed themselves listening to “In the Air Tonight” for the first time ever. They uploaded the video in July, but it began circulating on Twitter and elsewhere over this past week, delighting everyone from longtime music fans to Dolly Parton.

The brothers kick off the video by commenting on the overall mood of the track and Collins’ bold vocals, generally enjoying it from the get-go. But once the track’s legendary drum fill kicks in to introduce a new beat, they gasp in genuine shock, look at one another, and begin bopping along even harder. It’s endearing as hell and relatable for anyone who’s heard the song themselves before, hence why the clip now has over 4 million views. It’s also why “In the Air Tonight” subsequently saw a 1,110% increase in sales and currently sits at No. 3 on the iTunes Charts.

When asked why they think the video exploded, Fred Williams told CNN, “Because we’re Black. We’re Black, and they don’t expect us to listen to that type of music.”

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