Song of the Week: Deftones Make an Electric Return with “Ohms”

Chino Moreno and band tease their first new studio effort since 2016's Gore

Deftones new song Ohms

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Another week of this strange, new reality, another song of the week to go with it. This time around, our song of the week comes from longtime alt-metal group Deftones. For the past three decades or so, the Grammy award-winning band have spread their driving, heavy tracks far and wide, finding fans all over the world. However, lately, there hasn’t been much as far as new music goes. Deftones’ last album was released in 2016, and as we all know, a lot has changed since then. Though we knew a new album was on the way, we didn’t have many details. After a lot of mysterious teasing, Deftones finally dropped some information on us, including the title track of their forthcoming LP, Ohms.

“Ohms” is our song of the week for two reasons. First of all, any time Deftones go away for a long period of time, their return deserves celebration. Second of all, “Ohms” is a fantastic track regardless of when it was released, showing that Deftones, who became a band in 1988, can still make kick-ass music in 2020. “Ohms” is a roaring, powerful track, propelling forward with tense guitars underneath frontman Chino Moreno’s vocals. The song ends with energetic, hopeful instrumentals, which will also close out the entire LP on the same pummeling note.

Ohms will be released September 25th. It’ll be the band’s ninth LP, following 2016’s Gore. Surely, the alt-metalers will release another single or two while we wait, but if they decide not to, the title track is strong enough on its own for us to remain intrigued until release day. Check out the tracklist and artwork, and if listening to “Ohms” isn’t enough, check out its Rafatoon-directed music video below.

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