Ciara Stays “Rooted” on Potent New Protest Song: Stream

Its video was filmed just two days before the R&B singer gave birth

Ciara in her “Rooted” video

Ciara has released her first single of 2020, and it’s come at just the right time. Dubbed “Rooted”, it’s a protest song that also celebrates Black pride.

“All my songs come with melanin/ Got the heart, got the soul like Harriet,” the R&B singer proudly sings, referencing Harriet Tubman. “A queen since she born, that was evident/ That’s evidence, of Black excellence.”

Perhaps even more powerful is the track’s accompanying music video, directed by Annie Bercy. The clip not only features the faces of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, two unarmed Black individuals who’ve died at the hands of police, but it also stars a very, very pregnant Ciara.

According to reports, Ciara filmed the visual just two days before giving birth to her son, Win. And yet despite being on the verge of popping, the 34-year-old artist is seen gyrating her hips like nobody’s business. The strength of mothers, especially during these very hard times, is truly unparalleled.

The video closes with Ciara, belly fully on display, embracing her other two children, a scene that really drives home another meaning to the title “Rooted”. The following message is then displayed on the screen:

“To all my young Rosa’s and Young Luther’s, keep marching. Don’t stop fighting for what you believe in. To all my Black queens and kings, continue to plant and spread seeds of love, hope and pride in your tribe. Everything you need to survive and thrive is rooted in you. Stay rooted.”

Check out “Rooted”, which also features songwriter Esther Dean, below. Ciara’s last album, Beauty Marks, dropped in 2019.