The Ren & Stimpy Show Returning With New Episodes

Comedy Central is bringing back everyone's favorite Chihuahua and cat

Grab your log and start buttering that powdered toast: Twenty-five years later, new episodes of The Ren & Stimpy Show are coming to Comedy Central.

The ViacomCBS-owned network is hiring a new creative team for a “reimagined take” on the legendary Nickelodeon animated series, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The New York Post adds that Billy West, the voice of Stimpy — and of Ren (for three seasons) — is expected to return for the revival, along with several of the original writers. However, the show’s original creator John Kricfalusi, who was accused of sexual misconduct in 2018, will not be involved in the project.

“We are excited to reinvent this iconic franchise with a new creative team and our partners at the Nickelodeon Animation Studio,” ViacomCBS Entertainment & Youth Group president Chris McCarthy said. “Ren & Stimpy joins our rapidly expanding roster of adult animation including South ParkBeavis and Butt-Head and Clone High as we continue to reimagine our treasure chest of beloved IP for new generations.”

The return of Ren & Stimpy marks the latest move by Comedy Central, which has been expanding its slate of adult animated offerings to live alongside South Park. The network recently announced the return of Beavis & Butthead and also acquired Jodie, a spin-off of Daria, which itself was a spin-off of Beavis and Butt-Head. They also hold syndication rights to BoJack HorsemanKing of the Hill, and The Cleveland Show.

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The Ren & Stimpy Show originally ran on Nickelodeon from August 11th, 1991 to December 16th, 1995. A more adult-oriented spin-off series, Ren & Stimpy “Adult Party Cartoon”, aired on Spike in 2003 for only a few episodes before being canceled. And, more recently, a standalone film was rejected in 2016 by Paramount.

Revisit some of the show’s best bits below.


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