Trivium Are Buying an Airplane Hangar to Use as New Band Headquarters

"The hangar we're getting is huge [but] it's not the Iron Maiden-size hangar"

Trivium Airplane Hangar

Trivium have some lofty plans for their new headquarters: the Florida metal act is buying an old airplane hangar to use as its new base.

Frontman Matt Heafy revealed the news during a recent video chat with Rock Sound, telling host James Wilson-Taylor that the band is in the process of closing on an airplane hangar in Orlando. The singer-guitarist mentioned that Trivium was using money earned from its recent full production livestream show as part of the funds to purchase the hangar.

“The hangar we’re getting is huge,” remarked Heafy. “And the first step, we’ll build in and enclose in a section of it where we’re able to rehearse in there, and it’s an all-in-one spot. And then we’ll gradually build downwards, build a recording studio below that, and then we’ll build outwards.”

He added, “Hopefully things keep progressing, even despite whatever the fates might be throwing at us that we can turn it into where there’s full cameras set up, there’s full soundboard, everything is ready to go, so if we wanna do [a] full [streaming] event, we can do the full event from there and it’s ready to go.”

Asked how a metal band goes about buying an airplane hangar, Heafy replied, “That’s a great question. We’ve been renting at a pretty sketchy place. Most bands, I think, are in the kind of position that we are that you rehearse somewhere that you don’t love; it’s kind of crappy; you’re paying rent to someone else. Just thinking to ourselves, we don’t wanna be paying rent — we wanna be investing in ourselves and our future, and we’ve always wanted a headquarters where we could do everything.”

He continued, “I talked about the idea of an airplane hangar, ’cause I saw one hangar at a different airport. And I mentioned it to my mother-in-law just in passing, and she was, like, ‘You know who owns one of those?’ [Matt’s wife] Ashley’s uncle. So I contacted Ashley’s uncle and his son, and I’ve been dealing with his son now. They happen to own multiple of these extra hangars. So it’s buying from my family, which is even better.”

As far as the size of the hangar, Heafy explained, “It’s not the size of a commercial plane — it’s not the Iron Maiden-size hangar like that; it’s more modest than that. But it’s good that we’re able to keep it all in the family; we’re actually able to support our family, so Trivium can buy from them.”

Since word got out about the hangar purchase, fans have been chiming in with some ideas of names for the new headquarters. “St. Hangar” is an early favorite of bassist Paolo Gregoletto and guitarist Corey Beaulieu, according to a Twitter exchange between the two band members. The play on Metallica’s St. Anger album is fitting, as Heafy is a self-professed Metallica super-fan.

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Trivium recently released their new album, What the Dead Men Say, and hope to be back on the road next year. Their North American outing with Megadeth and Lamb of God has been rescheduled for 2021.

See Matt Heafy’s full interview with Rock Sound below.



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