Billie Eilish Designs Sleek 2028 Olympics Logo

Inspired by the pop megastar's own aesthetic

Assuming America is still intact after the global pandemic and Election Day, the 2028 Summer Olympics are set to take place in Los Angeles. The Olympics Committee has already chosen an official logo, but also enlisted a number of LA-based celebrities to design their own alternate versions. One of those chosen to participate was Billie Eilish, a fitting choice considering she just performed at the Democratic National Convention, has an aesthetic that resonates with the youth, and actually is optimistic about “my future”.

For these alternate designs, celebrities were allowed to play around with just the “A” in the LA portion of the logo. Taking inspiration from her own font and merchandise (see example below), Eilish turned the “A” into a slime green GIF. The letter appears and disappears so it looks as though it’s sliding into the rest of the logo. All things considered, it’s pretty neat — and this is coming from a 33-year-old man who barely knows how to use TikTok.

In a video interview about her design (via Stereogum), Eilish said, “The font is the font that I use for my logo. And who knows if that’s going to be relevant in my life in eight years? But I have this whole thing about not wanting to please my past self or my future self. It’s all about pleasing your present self.” The 2019 Artist of the Year continued, “I don’t know what my life is going to be like in eight years, but I’m really just looking forward to the future.” Check out the logo and video below.

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In addition to the “bad guy” artist, Olympic athletes Gabby Douglas and Adam Rippon, actress Reese Witherspoon, and soul singer Steve Harrington were also invited to mock up their own logos. Read more about those over at the LA Times.

Example of Billie Eilish’s font style

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