Cardi B Gets Trump-Supporting Teen Arrested for Doxing

"A Trump supporter posted my address and encouraged people to dox my home, to put my house on fire"

Cardi B trump teen arrested doxing dox address home

Everyone knows Cardi B has WAP: a Willingness to Arrest and Prosecute. In a recent Instagram live, the hip-hop superstar recalled getting a Trump-supporting teen arrested after he revealed her home address on the internet.

As The Independent reports, Cardi B spoke to her fans on Instagram about a wide range of topics, including Joe Biden, Candace Owens, and how her vocal opposition to Trump has made her a target of right-wing trolls. She said that after one person doxxed her and encouraged people to “put my house on fire,” she felt compelled to hire a private investigator. She explained,

“Shit gets so intense that a Trump supporter posted my address and encouraged people to dox my home, to put my house on fire. I literally hired a private investigator, and served them with a warrant and arrested this boy. This boy was a fucking teenager. His parents were shook.”

Elsewhere, she addressed her ongoing feud with conservative blowhard Candace Owens. It all began after the rapper interviewed Joe Biden about Black Lives Matter, healthcare, and Trump’s lies. In response, Owens called Cardi B “illiterate,” and accused Joe Biden of “pandering.” Cardi B hit back, saying “the guy you fucking love so much, he panders too.” She added, “Just like I can make millions of people pop their pussy… I can make millions of people go vote.”

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Over the course of this never-ending election cycle, Cardi B has become a popular conservative punching bag, both for her endorsement of Biden — “He understands the people’s pain, she says” — and for the sex-positive lyrics of her Megan Thee Stallion-collaboration “WAP”. A Republican congressional candidate got all hot and bothered after “accidentally” watching the “WAP” video (I myself accidentally watched it at least ten times) and Fox Anchor Tucker Carlson had a sexually repressed freak out. Even Tiger King’s Carole Baskin got in the action, claiming the video was “abusive” to big cats.

Meanwhile, Cardi B is laughing all the way to the bank. “WAP” peaked as the number one song in the country, and its popularity has spawned a line of waterproof merch.


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