Neil Young Releases The Times EP: Stream

The seven-track collection captures the "Porch Episode" of Young's Fireside Sessions

neil young the times ep fireside sessions stream
Neil Young, photo by Debi Del Grande

    Neil Young has released his new live acoustic EP The Times. To ensure the best audio experience possible (as Young is wont to do), it’s only available to stream on the Neil Young Archives website or Amazon Music HD. Sign up for AMHD here or listen via the embedded player below.

    The seven-track collection captures the “Porch Episode” of Young’s Fireside Sessions series from back in July. That performance introduced fans to the updated version of “Lookin’ for a Leader 2020”, which reworks the lyrics to specifically target Trump and the current US political climate in 2020. The EP takes its name from another featured track: a cover of Bob Dylan’s classic “The Times They Are A-Changin’”.

    The Times is rounded out by five cuts from various stages in Young’s catalog, all of which are particularly relevant to today: “Ohio”, “Alabama”, “Southern Man”, “Campaigner”, and the Homegrown cut “Little Wing”. In addition, the full Fireside Sessions “Porch Episode” is streaming on Prime Video.


    On the NYA website, the iconic artist explained his decision to go with Amazon Music HD to distribute The Times EP:

    “This is to make sure as many poeple get to hear my music the way I made it as possible. It has only to do with the quality of the music presented at Amazon. It is better than all others, just like Xstream is better. The notable exception is Qobuz. That is a great service.

    … Don’t worry that any of Amazon’s dealings with me compromise ownership or control of my art in any way at all. That does not happen. With Amazon, the releases we give them to be introduced as ‘Amazon Originals’ are a three month exclusive and are all treated very well in the marketplace and get to the largest amount of people possible listening in the quality the music was made in.”

    Stream The Times EP below. Also stay tuned for a trio of new additions heading to the NYA later this year, including the long-awaited Neil Young Archives Vol. 2.

    The Times EP Artwork:

    neil young the times ep cover artwork

    The Times EP Tracklist:
    01. Alabama
    02. Campaigner
    03. Ohio
    04. The Times They Are A-Changin’
    05. Lookin’ for a Leader 2020
    06. Southern Man
    07. Little Wing


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