Sinister Reflects the Oppressive Dread of Paranoia

Scott Derrickson’s haunted house story shows the way infectious fear invades the mind

Psychoanalysis - Sinister

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“Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll make you famous again.”

Scott Derrickson’s Sinister is a terrifying but often overlooked tour de force of atmospheric dread; a dark and relentless study of infectious fear. Join Psychoanalysis hosts Jenn Adams, Lara Unnerstall, and Mike Snoonian as they kick off a two-part series on paranoia by examining this new classic through the lens of mental health.

The conversation ranges from true crime and conspiracy theories to brain chemistry and cognition as we discuss the many ways fear can take root inside the mind. We’ll also sing a little Garbage and share our love for Ethan Hawk and James Ransone. And rest assured, we will talk about that sweater.

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