The Flaming Lips Perform “God and the Policeman” in Giant Bubbles on Fallon: Watch

Coming in support of their excellent new album American Head

The Flaming Lips God and the Policeman watch stream late night tonight show starring jimmy fallon

On Friday night, The Flaming Lips appeared remotely on Fallon for a performance of “God and the Policeman”.

This standout song from their just-released album American Head originally boasted the clarion tones of Kacey Musgraves. Perhaps her schedule kept her away from The Lips’ studio, or maybe Petco ran out of hamster balls. It wasn’t a matter of social-distancing, because the Lips have been pioneering that long before it was necessary. Their trademark personal bubbles served them well once again, allowing them to get a little closer than would normally feel comfortable. While many recent late night performances feature bands near each other on stage, the Lips seem to be actually playing together.

“God and the Policeman” is a meditation on guilt. The words are simple enough: “If God and the policeman are coming for me,” Wayne Coyne sings, “God will forgive me.” What the policeman will do remains left unsaid, and that lyrical ellipses gives the track its power. Peep “God and the Policeman” below.

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American Head dropped yesterday, September 11th. In his review for Consequence of Sound, contributor Tyler Clark argues that American Head stands alongside The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots as one of The Lips’ best records.

This also isn’t The Flaming Lips’ first time having a ball on a late night program, as they performed in giant bubbles on Colbert back in June.


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