Casting Stephen King’s It Movie In 1987

The Losers' Club opens up another Bag of Bones and answers your questions

Casting 1987’s It Movie That Never Was
The Losers’ Club

The Losers dump out another big ol’ Bag of Bones right as summer turns to fall. Together, Losers Michael Roffman, Dan Caffrey, Jenn Adams, and Randall Colburn crack some skulls and answer your pressing questions.

You know, like what would an It movie look like had it been fast-tracked for a 1987 release? Why do people think Stephen King writes bad endings? What are the best King stingers? And what would a King-centric sitcom look like on ABC?

Gather around and find out.

Founded in January 2017, The Losers’ Club is a weekly podcast for Constant Readers, horror hounds, and new fans of Stephen King to dig deep into the author’s oeuvre and the myriad TV, film, print, and stage adaptations of his work.


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