My Morning Jacket Release Three New Live Albums for Bandcamp Friday: Stream

Taken from concerts in 2005, 2006, and 2015

My Morning Jacket new live albums 2005 album 2006 Bandcamp 2015, photo by Philip Cosores
My Morning Jacket, photo by Philip Cosores

Not sure what to do this weekend? If you’re a fan of My Morning Jacket, then you can spend it reliving the blissful high of jam band concerts, because MMJ have released three previously unavailable career-spanning live albums to Bandcamp.

As the band announced on Twitter, the three-show collection spans 58 tracks in total with a 349-minute runtime. Included are My Morning Jacket’s November 10th, 2005 gig at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, California; their November 12th, 2006 concert at The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia; and their August 6th, 2015 set at Ascend Amphitheatre in Nashville, Tennessee.

While it doesn’t appear physical versions of these live albums will be made available, you can buy a digital download of each via the band’s Bandcamp. You can also stream selections from the release and check out the different tracklists below.

Jim James and co. timed this drop perfectly for Bandcamp Fridays. The recurring event, where Bandcamp waives its company cut of sales for 24 hours so that artists and labels receive increased proceeds during the pandemic, occurs on the first Friday of every month. The first run of the initiative saw users spend a mind-blowing $4.3 million dollars — 15 times the normal amount spent on any given Friday! — a sum which quickly rose to $20 million dollars (!) by the fourth Friday in the series.

In July, My Morning Jacket dropped their latest full-length, The Waterfall II. They still haven’t been able to bring it to life on a proper tour, so they’ve been doing the next best thing: performing album cuts like “Feel You” an “Spinning My Wheels” live on late-night talk shows. Maybe by the time they’re able to hit the road again, MMJ will have released the “completely new record” that they’ve already finished. James hinted at the new LP in an interview with our own Kyle Meredith.

Henry Fonda Theatre – Los Angeles, CA (2005) Tracklist:
01. Wordless Chorus
02. It Beats For You
03. One Big Holiday
04. What A Wonderful Man
05. The Way That He Sings
06. I Think I’m Going To Hell
07. Golden
08. Sooner
09. Gideon
10. Lay Low
11. Dancefloors
12. Dondante
13. Run Thru
14. Where To Begin
15. Off The Record
16. Anytime
17. Mahgeeta

The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA (2006) Tracklist:
01. At Dawn
02. Xmas Curtain
03. What A Wonderful Man
04. Gideon
05. The Way That He Sings
06. Off The Record
07. It Beats For You
08. Wordless Chorus
09. Phone Went West
10. Lay Low
11. Dondante
12. Easy Morning Rebel
13. One Big Holiday
14. Run Thru
15. They Ran
16. By My Car
17. Golden
18. Steam Engine
19. Anytime
20. Mahgeeta

Ascend Amphitheater – Nashville, TN (2015) Tracklist:
01. One Big Holiday
02. Off The Record
03. Compound Fracture
04. Evil Urges
05. Wordless Chorus
06. Xmas Curtain
07. Believe (Nobody Knows)
08. In It’s Infancy (The Waterfall)
09. Steam Engine
10. Golden
11. Get The Point
12. Circuital
13. I’m Amazed
14. Lay Low
15. Tropics (Erase Traces)
16. Touch Me I’m Going To Scream
17. Dancefloors
18. Victory Dance
19. Holdin On To Black Metal
20. Run Thru
21. Mahgeetah