The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror Specials Offer Bite-Sized Comfort Horror Every Halloween

Psychoanalysis goes a late-night fog walk through the town of Springfield

Psychoanalysis - Treehouse of Horror
Psychoanalysis – Treehouse of Horror

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“You know, Halloween is a very strange holiday. Personally, I don’t understand it. Kids worshipping ghosts, pretending to be devils? Things on TV that are completely inappropriate for younger viewers. Things like the following half hour. Nothing seems to bother my kids, but tonight’s show, which I totally wash my hands of, is really scary. So if you have sensitive children, maybe you should tuck them into bed early tonight instead of writing us angry letters tomorrow. Thanks for your attention.”

Tired of Smarch Weather? Put down your cursed frogurt and join us for a late-night fog walk through the night gallery of The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror episodes. That’s right, we’re talking bite-sized comfort horror this week on Psychoanalysis and we’re joined by special guest Justin Gerber of Halloweenies to rank our favorite segments.

Together, we’ll quote episodes, spot references, and go on approximately one million tangents. We’re keeping it Kodos as Justin contemplates the meaning of time, Jenn tries a Marge impression, Mike rhapsodizes on the joys of hammocks, and Lara shares her love for classic horror literature. We’ll also  share listener favorites and conclude with our grounding techniques and self-care.

Tell you what, if you don’t like it, we owe you a coke — guarantee void in Tennessee.

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