St. Vincent to Teach MasterClass on Creativity and Songwriting

The Grammy-winning rocker will also share tips on performing live and building a home studio

St. Vincent, photo courtesy of MasterClass

Itching to learn how to play and write music like St. Vincent? Now, you can receive expert insight from the Grammy winner herself: St. Vincent has joined MasterClass to teach a class on creativity and songwriting.

The indie rocker born Annie Clark will peel back her public persona to really delve into her artistry, raw creative process, and evolution as a musician. Additionally, she’ll offer advice on building a home studio, sharpening guitar skills, and delivering a stellar live performance — something she’s perfected over the years.

Clark will also share an exclusive breakdown of her MASSEDUCTION track “Savior”, which she began writing at the age of 16. “I chose ‘Savior’ because it illustrated this point that I wanted to make that there’s no wasted effort,” she told Billboard. “Even if you have an idea from 20 years ago, if it’s still circling around in your head, that means it’s worth something. It will find its way into something.”

The MasterClass lesson will also see Clark open up intimately “about embracing fear and shame, sharing personal stories and insights.”

“I think the reason I wanted to do it was that I’d seen other MasterClasses and I love process. I really do,” Clark explained. “I don’t think you have to be trying to necessarily excel in the particular arena of the MasterClass that you’re watching in order to get something interesting from it.”

According to Clark, she was inspired to partner with MasterClass after watching a class given by tennis icon Serena Williams. “The way that she approaches tennis, I think they’re so applicable to being a musician or being an artist.”

Below, watch a trailer for St. Vincent’s MasterClass. For more information, including sign up details and a sample of her lesson plan, head to the MasterClass website. Annual memberships allow access to the platform’s other esteemed instructors, such as RuPaul, Timbaland, and Usher.

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