Industrial Outfit 5 R V L N 5 Premiere David Bottrill Mix of “Flesh”: Stream

The remix appears on the Chicago act's newly released "Flesh" maxi-single

5 R V L N 5 Flesh single premiere
5 R V L N 5 “Flesh” maxi-single art

Chicago industrial act 5 R V L N 5 (pronounced “Surveillance”) has teamed up with notable producer David Bottrill for a new mix of their song “Flesh”. The track appears on a newly released “Flesh” maxi-single, with a visualizer premiering right here at Heavy Consequence (stream below).

The original studio version of the song was featured on 5 R V L N 5’s early 2020 EP, The Black Mark. Now, Bottrill — known for his work with Tool, The Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, King Crimson, and Peter Gabriel, among others — has put his own spin on the track with this new remix. The song also features guest vocals from Lara Noël and Danny Garcia.

“‘Flesh’ is about relationships. Broken ones… It’s about that person who is unable to let go of a situation, whether that be a death or a divorce,” states 5 R V L N 5 founder and main songwriter Chuck Clybourne. “Lyrically, it’s a pretty heavy song, and the music needed to match.

He continues, “I’ve always been big on atmosphere and texture, so working with someone like David Bottrill was a total no-brainer. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was completely geeked-out when I found out he was on board to do these mixes. It was a great experience and I look forward to doing something with him again in the future.”

Bottrill adds, “It was a real pleasure working with the genre-bending music of 5 R V L N 5. With ‘Flesh’, they developed and expanded the boundaries of industrial music. Their innovation positively pushed me to explore new technical and creative ways to achieve their vision.”

The “Flesh” maxi-single, which contains four versions of the song (including an additional instrumental Bottrill remix), is available via Bandcamp. Check out the visualizer for “Flesh – David Bottrill Mix” below.