André 3000, Big Boi, Chuck D Guest on Goodie Mob’s New Album Survival Kit: Stream

Cee Lo Green's rap group have deliver a hip-hop feast just in time for Thanksgiving

Big Boi (photo by Ben Kaye), Andre 3000 (photo by David Brendan Hall), and Chuck D (photo by Ben Kaye) Goodie Mob Survival Kit new album music stream
Big Boi (photo by Ben Kaye), Andre 3000 (photo by David Brendan Hall), and Chuck D (photo by Ben Kaye)

    Atlanta hip-hop group Goodie Mob have just released Survival Kit, their new album featuring André 3000, Big Boi, and Chuck D of Public Enemy. Stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    This is Goodie Mob’s sixth studio album to date. The 16-track record opens with Chuck D’s bombastic number, “Are You Ready”, before giving Goodie Mob room to strut their stuff alone. Shortly afterwards, they’re joined by the Outkast rappers separately on songs “No Cigar” and “Prey 4 Da Sheep”.

    Survival Kit  follows Cee Lo Green and the rest of Goodie Mob — Big Gipp, T-Mo, and Khujo — as they gather some of their closest friends to address police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement currently ongoing in the US. “Right now, just seeing all of our people on TV marching and protesting and being shot at, bottles and stuff being chucked at the police, people burning down buildings and looting because we’re tired of all of the injustices,” said T-Mo in a statement.

    There’s more music coming from the Dungeon Family pretty soon, too. Big Boi and Sleepy Brown (Organized Noize) are working on a new joint album called The Big Sleepover that’s allegedly coming this year. So far they’ve teased it with three singles: “Intentions”, “Can’t Sleep”, and “We the Ones (Remix)” featuring Killer Mike.


    Survival Kit Artwork:

    Survival Kit by Goodie Mob album artwork cover art

    Survival Kit Tracklist:
    01. Are You Ready(feat. Chuck D)
    02. Frontline
    03. Curry Goat
    04. No Cigar (feat. André 3000)
    05. Prey 4 Da Sheep (feat. Big Boi)
    06. DC Young Fly Crowe’s Nest Break
    07. 4 My Ppl
    08. Big Rube’s Road Break
    09. Off-Road
    10. Try We
    11. Me Tyme
    12. Back2Back
    13. Survival Kit
    14. Calm B 4 Da Storm
    15. Big Rube’s Amazing Break
    16. Amazing Grays

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